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released May 19, 2017

All songs written by Andre Camilleri
Cover photograph by Lucinda Camilleri

Andre Camilleri: vocals, guitars, percussion
James Newhouse: double bass
Bridget Croft: vocals
Niall Howe - keys
David Butler: electric guitar
Tony Dean: harmonica
Michael Kingsland: trumpet



all rights reserved


Andre Camilleri Australia

Andre has released 20+ albums of original material and has collaborated with the likes of Chris Dyson (Paul Kelly & the Dots), Des Hefner, Alan Brooker (Maurice Frawley, Nick Barker), James Stewart (Dan Warner, Overnight Jones), Paul Thomas (Weddings Parties Anything, Chris Altman) and Mark Di Marzio (Original Snakeskins). ... more

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Track Name: Alright
looks like your going nowhere
seems like nobody cares
no one answers your prayers
you try not to despair

keep on searching you might find
a loving heart and peace of mind
a little further down the line
everything will be alright

can't see the point to carry on
road your travelling down is much to long
the head wind's coming on mighty strong
it all be soon lost and gone

no matter how dark the night
don't give up the fight
whatever you do don't compromise
everything will be alright

alright alright
everything will be be alight
Track Name: Howlin' at the moon
i'm howlin' i'm a howlin' i'm howlin at the moon
oh lord sweat lord taken my baby too soon
i'm howlin' im howlin' howlin at the moon
why must i keep on living down here on my own

i'm howlin', i'm howlin, howlin at the moon
down town in this run down cheap motel room
i'm howlin' i'm howlin howlin at the moon
tryin to numb/ the pain with a needle and a spoon

i'm howlin' i'm howlin' howlin at the moon
i can never run faster than the blues
Track Name: My heart has once been broken
i wish i could turn back the time
and keep the memories off my mind
the pain runs deeper than what's spoken
my heart had once been broken

everything you say is true
i know you don't want to make me blue
i try and stay in the moment
but my heart had once been broken

i'm gonna draw a line in the sand
time to start over again
i hold back the tears but my eyes are soakin'
my heart had once been broken

i try to keep on hopin'
my heart had once been broken
don't treat me like an unwanted token
my heart had once been broken
the ashes are still smokin'
my heart had once been broken
Track Name: Along the wayside
you can't treat everybody kind
sometimes you got to cut the ties that bind

somewhere along the line
some things get left behind
you never know what you gonna find
along the wayside

it's hard to keep the devil at bay
so damn easy to lose your way
temptation can lead you astray
something inside always wants you to stay

some things don't work out right
others just ain't worth the fight
some things get left behind
along the wayside
Track Name: I got to go
ain't gonna wait for no one
been waiting much too long
gonna follow my own footsteps
keep moving on

i don't hate other people
but i'm rather on my own
you find a many deceitful
they turns your heart to stone

many promises broken
hurt plenty times before
gotta keep on moving
and walk out the door

leave me alone
let me be
i gotta go
for i long to be free
Track Name: I got used to the pain
I got used to the pain
to start over again
the end is in sight
and I am too tired to fight

I've grown fond of the night
I dwell in the shadows and hide
nothing I try
ever works out right

I love to dress in black
my bag is always packed
I can leave in 5
minutes flat

devils messing with my head
my life's a fucking mess
but I don't really give
a damn

I got used to the pain
sorrows running through my veins
nothing will remain
I got used to the pain
Track Name: Just as lonely here with you
we both been travelling now together for a while
something somewhere somehow made you change mind
it was always gonna be just a matter of time
until we went our separate ways and said our goodbyes

though you are right here with me
i can tell you rather leave
it's alright if we're through
i'm just as lonely here with you

there's no need to be sorry you don't have to explain
I will keep the memories and I still got Mary Jane

when my heart starts aching i'll drink a little more
and i'll go back to feeling just as blue as before
Track Name: Lets travel this road together for a while
you can tell me your story and i tell you mine
you never know what we might find
when we travel this road together for a while

we're all searching for something
something we know we can never find
we must keep on rolling never look behind
Townes knew living is just like being blind

longing to share the load for a while
knowing no one else can live our lifes
there's no cure for the ravages of time
still we must try and follow the light

i got used to being on my own
i don't mind all that much any more
the thrill of being free is long gone
will you come with me and travel down this road
lets travel this road together for a while
Track Name: Nothing to be found
fire is burning deep in your soul
you never find your way back home
too many last chances already blown
gotta live and die alone

nothing can take your sorrow away
there ain't no cure to ease the pain
running in circles round and around
you find there's nothing to be found

whatever you try will be in vain
it wont make no difference
you keep on fighting till the end
ain't nobody understands
nothing can take your sorrow away
there ain't no cure to ease the pain
running in circles round and around
you find there's nothing to be found

you got nowhere left to go
all hope is already gone
you can't take it any more
don't know what your fighting for

fire is burning...

to be found to be found...
Track Name: Hit the road
when you fall on hard times
and your down on your last dime
when you can't fit the mould
pack your bag and hit the road

hit the road

getting high layin' low
hanging around for too long
feeling weary getting old
pack your bag and hit the road

hit the road
hit the road

pack your bag say goodbye
don't ask why it's alright
when you can't take much more
pack your back and hit the road

ain't nobody understands
no one really gives a damn
this damn place leaves you cold
pack your bag hit the road

hit the road
hit the road