Soul Country

by Andre Camilleri



All songs written by Andre Camilleri; Recorded & mixed by Andre Camilleri in June/July/August ’10;
Mastering by Paul Fox @;
Cover layout by; Special thanks to the Lickin' Sticks, Michelle Grech, Denise Highlands @ RRR, John Dunton, David Heard @ PBS & anyone who gives a damn;
Andre dedicates this album to Roger Camilleri;
Andre Camilleri - didn't that guy play like old school Country Music?
This is what some of you may think when you hear my latest offering Soul Country, with its strong leanings towards R&B and the Soul music of the 60's.
The idea for Soul Country came about one late night earlier this year while listening to some Motown stuff on my IPod. I loved the sound and warmth of the music and had the idea that I could try and play some of my tunes with that same kind of feel. I instantantly went through my songs under the pretext of what if I'd play them like a Soul song. And Bingo, I knew right away this could work.I have written stacks of material over the years that never made the cut for my Country band the Broken Hearts, because for some reason they didn't fit the bill. The album's second song 'He don't love you' is a case in point. It's not the sort of tune you'd dish up in a Melbourne pub to a rowdy crowd on a Sunday afternoon. In the context of this album however it fits right in. And the same goes for the other nine tunes on the album.
Another beautyfull thing that happened around the same time was that after an absence of two and a half years my first Broken Hearts drummer Maurie Del Citto decided he wanted to play music again. His drumming really works wonders on these songs. Not to mention singer Bree Barclay, who I met around that time as well. Not sure what it is exactly but her voice just ticks all the boxes for me. Or what about Patrick O'Brien and his 12 string Rickenbacker guitar? I could go on...
Having said that, when I started the journey of making this album I had no idea whether we cold pull this one off. The end result is not for me to judge. What I can tell you is that Soul Country is not really a Soul album and it's probably not a Country album either. To be honest, I don't really give a fuck either way. One thing I do know is that it' been an amazing ride and so much fun making it.


released August 8, 2010

Andre Camilleri vocals, acoustic guitar;
Bree Barclay vocals;
Mark Di Marzio lead guitar;
Patrick O'Brien Rickenbacker 12 string guitar;
Clark Fisher bass;
Peter Waltham keys;
Maurie Del Citto drums;



all rights reserved


Andre Camilleri Australia

Andre has released 23 albums of original material and has collaborated with the likes of Chris Dyson (Paul Kelly & the Dots), Des Hefner, Alan Brooker (Maurice Frawley, Nick Barker), James Stewart (Dan Warner, Overnight Jones), Paul Thomas (Weddings Parties Anything, Chris Altman) and Mark Di Marzio (Original Snakeskins). ... more

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